Burger Social is a young, Happy-Go-Lucky kind of brand. Its burgers, fries, and shakes... Fun, feel-good kind of food. We are responsible for the ingredients (prior animal and plantlife treatment matter to us as we are what we eat) we purchase and serve. Our meat comes from really happy cows that lived out their lives grazing freely in green pastures in the American MidWest. These cows have never been administered antibiotics or hormones. Our burger buns have no GMOs and our fries, veggie burgers, cheese sauce, and House Social Sauce is made in house fresh every day.  We care about the communities in which we exist, and strive to make those communities better; by ensuring that every visit is a great experience, that our food is always fresh, consistent, and impeccable, and that we get involved in causes that matter to our local youth and future leaders. Our mission not only lies in creating and serving the best, most natural burgers around but also create a workplace where naturally curious individuals can build a career. 


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